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The city of Reading, Pennsylvania, home to the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University, is less than an hour from Lancaster County. Philadelphia is 1.5 hours drive away, Pittsburgh, the largest city in Pennsylvania, 5 minutes.

There is beautiful Amish Country, also called Lancaster County, which covers 7,100 square miles in central Lancaster County and is home to the Intercourse, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pennsylvania. The village is located on Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), formerly known as King's Highway. It is surrounded by beautiful Amish farms, with the village at the center of a small community of about 2,000 people, the largest in Pennsylvania and the third largest of all Pennsylvania counties.

More than 8 million people visit Lancaster County each year, according to the State Department's Bureau of Tourism and Recreation. It is also home to a large number of Amish, whose communities are also popular with tourists. The Amishes, Mennonites, Brothers and the Dutch Country, who became even more famous in the Harrison Ford film Witness, are represented in more than 1,000 communities throughout the county.

This means that whether you are traveling by car, train or horse-drawn carriage, you will discover sights, activities and memories in Lancaster County. If you are visiting Lancaster, PA, when you need it, visit one of the many hotels and guest houses in the area. Ask the host if there is a special auction at your bedside during your visit to Lancaster Pennsylvania.

The market is a great place to make a list of things to do with your kids as a kid in Lancaster, PA, like candy, chocolate bars, ice cream, popcorn and more.

If you're looking for fun activities in Lancaster, PA, even if you're on a budget, consider the Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center. During our stay at the Sayre Mansion, we can hop between our hotel and Lititz Springs Park for free. Looking for the best activities in and around Lancaster PA, please see this list of free offers for children and families. If you wanted to have fun, then you should put Lititzer Springs Park in Lancashire, Pennsylvania, on your shortlist.

In a relaxed atmosphere and peaceful landscape, you will find many opportunities to look around the park and see things your family can do. And of course, the Lancaster County Fairgrounds offers a unique all-can-eat experience, with a variety of food available free of charge.

Older visitors can find horses and black buggies at Lancaster County Fairgrounds, as well as a variety of other attractions. Visit these three unique Amish properties to get a first impression of some of the most beautiful farms in the region and visit them in person. Take a tour along the country roads of Lancaster County to see the beautiful farmland, Amish communities and countryside.

A drive through this diverse region offers many things to see and explore in and around Lancaster City. If you're planning a trip to Amish County, read our guide to what to do in the city to see what the region really has to offer before you head out.

Make sure you include this in your list of Pennsylvania attractions, there is a reason why it is one of the top attractions in Lancaster. Note: Wolf Sanctuary PA is located in the town of Lancaster, PA, about an hour and a half drive from Lancaster City. You will need to drive about half an hour to get there, but there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in visiting Pennsylvania.

When you book your Lancaster itinerary, you can expect to immerse yourself in the culture that Lancaster has to offer. From your first enquiry to the end of your trip, our team of excellent professionals will help fill your charter bus trip to Lancaster with the best things you can do in Lancaster. When you come to Lancaster, enjoy everything we have to offer with our Lancaster Travel Planner Service.

You will find that you will never be short of exciting attractions and events, and if you are wondering what to do in Lancaster, PA, there are just a few attractions that will guarantee you an unforgettable vacation. Check out our list of what to do in Erie, Pennsylvania, our guide to what to do in Pittsburgh, and our top 10 list of the best places to spend a few days in Lancaster and the surrounding area.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the classic Amish experience, don't miss the many fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Whether you're exploring the historic buildings of the Lancaster County Courthouse, the Old City Market, the Amished Village and many others, you should definitely explore and do these places.

If you're wondering what to do on a hot summer day in Lancaster, PA, consider the Turkey Hill Experience. If you're looking for a place to look forward to doing something as a child in Lancaster PA and the surrounding area, don't miss it.

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