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Fortunately for us, Philly has many places nearby to see the pretty colors and a trip to the fall colors has become one of my favorite pastimes. There has been no apple picking tour in Lancaster County since I was a kid, but this fall apple picking is going to be one of my favorite things to do in Lancaster, well, Lancaster! There are many different apple orchards around Lancaster But I go to the Cherry Hill Orchard, which I recommend, and I'm a big fan of the cherry trees.

Entry to the farm includes an apple picking tour and a tour of the Cherry Hill orchard, as well as a visit to her farmhouse. They offer a variety of handmade handicrafts such as cider, apple sauce, apple pie and more.

You can visit Amish House, dine with an Amish family, take a buggy ride, enjoy a guided scooter ride, or visit the Lancaster County Historical Society Museum and Pennsylvania State Museum. Visit the impressive miniature train and enjoy a guided scooter tour of Lancaster, Pennsylvania's largest and most popular tourist attraction.

Elsewhere, visit the Lancaster County Historical Society Museum and Pennsylvania State Museum or visit Amish House. Those who prefer to be on the ground rather than above the ground can take a walk through the vibrant wildflowers and lush forests of the county to see the ceiling - like farmland from a bird's eye view. Glens is a great place to zoom through trees with Stevens' refreshing Mountain Canopy Ziplines.

Eldreth Pottery in Strasbourg and old books in Lancaster County Historical Society Museum and Pennsylvania State Museum.

Rooms like Sunshine Art & Design represent dozens of talented artists, and high-quality handicrafts are sold, and there are few. Next to the stable there is a wooden shop and a shop selling handmade products. In the country shop you can buy various Amish handicrafts and watch the woodworkers at work.

Look out as you drive through the county for street stalls selling everything from flying shoo-ins to baked goods, and you'll find all sorts of beautiful things in them, all run by the Amish.

Ask the host about a special auction taking place during your visit to Lancaster, Pennsylvania's bed and breakfast. It's essentially a huge auction being held to raise money for the Lancaster County Volunteer Fire Department. Sometimes it is auctioned, with several auctions taking place at the same time, but if you fancy rocking chairs and superstructures, you should have a look.

Autumn is not specific, but you can pick your own pumpkin from the pumpkin beds on many Lancaster farms or buy it at a store like Cherry Hill Fruit Plants. There's nothing wrong with a pastry made from local apples and pumpkins, and if you're from Lancaster, try a Shoofly Pie. For some of the best baked goods in the area, visit the famous Shoo fly cake, which has been famous for it since the 1940s.

If it's not too cold for ice in autumn or if it's ever cold, visit Lapp Valley Farm and grab an ice cream. Wilbur's Chocolate and Candy Store is located in Lititz, as are Hersheyas in Lancaster County and even a few other local stores in Chester County.

There are many Amish attractions in the city, which also include a range of food and beverages as well as a variety of activities for children. For more fun activities, the Rocky Springs Entertainment Center offers everything from glow-in-the-dark games and games to live music and entertainment. The safari scenes, pirate ships and waterfalls are some of the things you will see, but there are also many other attractions to look forward to, such as the Lost World of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek, to name a few.

The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail leads walkers and cyclists through the parks along the Susquehanna. The Chickies Rock Park in Columbia Marietta offers excellent climbing opportunities and there are a variety of outdoor activities for children, such as climbing. The covered wagons were built in the town of Conestoga and Lewis and Clark studied surveying here during their expedition.

It might be considered an all-you-can-eat buffet for Amish, but the area is known for its Dutch buffet, which offers Dutch cuisine from Pennsylvania. Serious restaurants want to showcase the region's excellent produce, and there are plenty of local craft beers and wine bars, as well as a wide selection of food trucks. This is the perfect place if you want to be just outside Lancaster itself, but still close enough to the city to have a quick lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants.

The fashionable Lancaster Cigar Bar combines 135 blends with a wide library of whiskeys, and Pour offers a well-selected list of craft beers as well as a wide selection of wines. Outside Lancaster City, Greenfield's lamb scallops go well with the good wine sales in the cellar. Lancaster Craft Beer Fest attracts beer lovers to the city in August, brewed from over 50 independent breweries.

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