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Last month, a Pennsylvania College of Art and Design park became the platform for free speech that it always seemed to be. The park was first created in 2003, when the art college proposed the space as a temporary art garden to the newly built Lancaster Police Building. I had always sketched there, and one day a guy came by and saw my drawings and said, "You're an artist? The long, narrow space, consisting of the Red Raven Art Company, was immediately located in the back of Lancaster City.

I was also impressed by the reasonable price tag attached to the original work and hoped to return in the future to buy the works of the artists and their inspiring community. It was tempting to create an upcoming black-and-white exhibition sitting on the floor below in anticipation.

I am very interested in people's stories, especially in Lancaster where, although small, we still tend to divide. Art - making means writing real stories about people who experience this divide.

The artist Elva Hurst is an exceptionally talented chalk artist who excels in writing and other artistic media alike. Her illustrations have a warm, whimsical, fairytale quality, and her art is bold, expressive, and sometimes abstract. Liz Hess is known for her signature red umbrella, which is featured in many of her works and represents her love of art and art in general, as well as her passion for writing.

Compasses, decorative items, are common throughout Pennsylvania, from carvings to painted decorative art, as well as in other parts of the country. Although the identity of the compass artists remains unclear, documentation and analysis of these objects provide information about the construction, decoration and ownership of the object and provide information about its ownership.

The following galleries are some of the most unique in downtown Lancaster, which are also within walking distance of Gallery Row. I will first give some details about each gallery and also give a short description of what you can spend more time in the gallery with, as well as information about the history of each gallery.

If you are interested in continuing your tour of art galleries in Lancaster, PA, there are many other galleries in the downtown area, including the University of Pennsylvania Art Museum and Lancaster Art Annex, and many more. Any art tour has to stop there, as a walk along Gallery Row is a great way to enjoy Lancaster's art scene.

Also tucked away in the art scene of downtown Lancaster is the Square Halo Gallery, which strives to instill confidence in conversations about high-quality contemporary art. The craftsmen's collective is home to Kimberly Jade Jewelry & Designs, whose gallery owner is known and respected for her high-quality jewelry designs, and 18 others, including S.A.R.E.M.S. Artworks. Some of the pieces are handmade by Mayra Orama Muniz and Erica Millner, some are strange and entertaining, while others are simple and beautiful. They fit into a wide range of styles and styles, from traditional art to modern and contemporary art.

Miller, who once owned Re-chic, which turns vintage items into jewellery and home accessories, launched the first Creative Lancaster market in September 2017, which takes place in different locations. The market is meant to be a way to promote community and local talent, and surrounding shops have joined forces to double as clothing boutiques.

Visitors can find dazzling Daizy designs and Dovekie Finch, elbow-rub in the tight-knit Lancaster scene or find them at local art fairs. On the first Friday, guest artists will offer live demonstrations on site, and locals who want to make something with their own hands can attend workshops in various media such as jewelry, ceramics and glass. Browse craft shops such as the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen or shop at Lancaster Artisans Market.

Grab a slice of traditional shoo fly cake at Amish Farm House, which offers a wide range of edible produce from surrounding farms, tours and education about the history and heritage of the Amish. Gallery visits kick off a full day of art, music, food and entertainment at Lancaster Artisans Market and Lancaster Museum of Art.

The room is also a vintage-style house, where weekly demonstrations of the art of printing are held, as well as a variety of artisans and artists from all over the region.

From uniquely shaped metal jewelry to colorful glass works, the gallery sets modern accents in local art. The artists represented in the galleries have the opportunity not only to contribute to Lancaster's art community, but also to generate income from the sale of their works. Lancaster Galleries offers a wide range of courses and workshops each month with regionally and nationally recognized artists. The group also offers a wide range of participatory activities - from painting and drawing to sculpture, ceramics, photography and more.

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